Monday, September 26, 2011

Batgirl #1 (Alternate Review)

I like the premise of this book. Having fully recovered from her former paralysis, Barbara Gordon becomes Batgirl once again. The only problem is, she's a really shitty superhero. She is terrified of becoming paralyzed again and the fear greatly impacts her heroics. It's something different that I can get behind. Of course, the best solution to her problem is for her to stop being Batgirl, so Gail Simone will need to get around that.

Reading this comic brought up a recurring frustration I have with these reboot issues. I literally am trying to piece together however the writers arbitrarily changed the DCU. Like in this Batgirl, Barbara Gordon was still shot by the Joker, became paralyzed, but then DIDN'T become Oracle? I really couldn't tell.

I could see how a lot of comic fans might find this kind of continuity detective work appealing. I would also find this appealing if the entire DCU had been rearranged by a heavy hitter like say, Grant Morrison. I would have a ball trying to figure out why Superman is a heroin-addicted jazz critic without superpowers or why Batman exists only as a quantum singularity in a local supermarket. But no. I've never heard of these writers (except for Gail Simone, whom I like). I resent the fact that I must interpret their caprice.

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  1. There was a short lived initiative at DC to use Morrison's pages and pages of ideas for the DCU (he actually has a couple of notebooks worth of them) as guides for other writers to turn into full scripts. I think the only book that came out of it was Gail Simone's Atom run. But still, it could've been cool.