Monday, September 26, 2011

Deathstroke #1

A series devoted to Deathstroke. I was not excited about this, mainly because Deathstroke is not an interesting character. He's the ultimate badass who kills tons of folks, occasionally growling surly things. Giving him his own series is kind of like giving a TV show to the cow gun killer from No Country for Old Men.

So who are the supporting characters? Well, there's his slick agent who hooks him up with work and there's a team of goofy young mercenaries who call themselves the Alpha Dawgs. Sounds like the spiritual successor to Entourage, right? Not quite. By the end of the issue, Deathstroke kills the alpha Dawgs for no reason and realizes the job was a set-up for him to recover the mysterious briefcase from Pulp Fiction. Super yawn.

1 comment:

  1. Yeah, the supporting cast was pretty fucking painful. The rival mercenaries were just the worst. And why would you ever be Deathstroke's manager? You know that isn't going to end well.