Friday, September 16, 2011

Hawk and Dove #1

I really hope series artist Rob Liefeld is enjoying this comic. Because I can't imagine anyone else is.

Funnier people than me have made fun of Rob's artistic...oh let's call them quirks. Like this guy, so make sure you check that out. Oh, alright, one amazing Liefeld image:

Right. So, Rob Liefeld and writer Sterling Gates, assumingly without guns to their heads, gave us Hawk and Dove #1. A comic where Hawk (one of our heroes) looks to be the same age as his Dad. A comic where Dove (our other hero) is on a date with a ghost named Deadman, who wears a circus acrobat costume, and no one acts like it's weird or even tries to explain it, leaving any new readers hopeless adrift in an ocean of ignorance.

I will say this: While the they first few pages weren't well executed, the attempt at an action movie start was appreciated. Hawk and Dove have to stop a hijacked plane with science-terrorists and a "monster of mass destruction" from crashing into Washington. Nice thought, just get a different set of creators and protagonists to carry it out next time.

Buying the next issue: Wait, there's gonna be another issue? This wasn't just the fevered nightmare I get for reading old Liefeld comics while huffing gasoline?

New Reader Friendly: Not really, they try, with a flashback origin sequence, but it's not enough.

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