Friday, September 23, 2011

Legion of Super-Heroes #1

One of the recurring problems I've noticed with the reboot has been the vagueness about how much of the old continuity still counts. That's one problem that the 800th (that's a rough estimate, pretty sure I'm not too far off though) relaunch of the Legion doesn't have. It's evident by the fourth page that every ounce of story that came before still happened. Done skillfully, that's fine. Look at the 2005 Doctor Who relaunch. Writer Russell T. Davies brought the Doctor back to TV, and didn't disregard the decades of stories that came before. He simply wrote in such a way that new and old fans could enjoy the series, without going overboard on minute pieces of trivia or spilling white-out over the Doctor's whole history. That sort of approach would've been helpful here.

Instead, we're thrown into what easily could've been Legion of Super-Heroes #331, instead of a first issue. Legion member Mon-El reminisces about the time he spent as a Green Lantern. We see statues being put up for Legion members who just died, but we never saw their deaths. Starboy is in a futuristic wheelchair but we have no clue what caused the injury. How did any writer that doesn't have brain worms eating his cerebellum think that this would be an accessible comic?

Putting aside the severe lack of giving a shit about new readers, the comic is somewhere between "meh" and "blergh", leaning closer to meh. The art is generally okay, though some weird layouts occasionally make panels reallllllly confusing.

Buy again: No, which is a shame, cause I really want to read another good Legion comic before I die.

New reader friendly: Not in the slightest.

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