Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Red Lanterns #1

Atrocitus is a guy/monster whose family and entire race was murdered by some robots sent by the OA Guardians. Now he's assembled a team of freaks called the Red Lanterns to go out into the universe and wreak vengeance in a really disorganized, ad-hoc fashion. This team is apparently tubercular, since they're constantly spitting up blood. Atrocitus included his cat in the mix:

So what did we learn in this first issue? Other than that Atrocitus needs to attend some management seminars, not much. There is some kind of B-plot about a British grad student whose grandfather is mugged. This has nothing to do with the weirdos on Crazy Blood Planet, but I can only assume that he will become Sector 2814's Red Lantern after he defends his thesis. Have you ever tried defending a thesis while blood is pouring out of your mouth? I don't recommend it.

Atrocitus spends his off-hours talking to a Guardian corpse, saying things like "I am married to you in my rage," which is pretty much how I feel about writer Peter Milligan.

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