Thursday, September 22, 2011

Grifter #1

If you've ever wanted to read a comic where a military man in full regalia has a soul patch, this is the comic for you. If that isn't your particular fetish, this comic may not have much to offer you.

So Grifter (we don't find out that the main character's goddamn name is Grifter until 9 pages in) is a con man or something, except we never see him get paid, nor do we see him pull any cons. This is kind of like reading a Superman movie where Superman never punches anyone and acts like a mopey wanker instead of an adult. Man, hope they never make a movie like that.

Anyways, Grifter gets kidnapped by a weird jellyfish thing in a tank. The jellyfish seems to have restrained Grifter, but Grifter just gets up. That's why I never hire jellyfish to help me in any of my kidnapping schemes. Grifter flees and ends up on an airplane, but the jellyfish starts talking to him telepathically or through the humans the jellyfish mentally controls or maybe this comic makes no sense. Grifter jumps out of the airplane after murdering a couple people (hey kids, comics!) and hides in a graveyard and puts on a homemade mask. As I mentioned, the jellyfish thing can talk to him telepathically, what the fuck use is wearing a mask gonna serve? "Oh hey, jellyfish creature, I know you're talking to me inside my goddamn head, but you've got the wrong guy, I swear, the guy you want doesn't have a cool mask."

So the writing (courtesy of a guy named Nathan Edmondson, who I've never heard of) on this comic sucks. The plot is hopelessly lost in a sea of crap, the dialogue is generic and there are no characters to speak of. The art's not bad, but nothing of note. If you want to read an actual good (well, actually GREAT) comic with Grifter in it, do check out the Wildcats 3.0 series from a few years back.

Buy again? Nay, frost giant.

New reader friendly: Nah, I hear new readers like stories that make sense.

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