Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Mister Terrific #1

A hallmark (you'd think that a 2 week old initiative wouldn't have enough material for anything to be considered a hallmark, but hey, that's what happens when you flood the mar
ket) of this whole reboot has been some of the bizarre choices for ongoing series. Hawk and Dove? OMAC? and now, in that not-so-grand tradition, Mister Terrific.

Like a lot of the second week wave of books, there's nothing hilariously bad about this comic. Wait, I take it back, forgot about the horrible interior art from someone named Gianluca Gugliotta. Apparently DC Editorial managed to find the only crappy Italian art
ist out there. Marvel has about 19 new Italian artists working on their books, and they are all fantastic. Since their art is beautiful, and Gugliotta's is uglier than than the chanc
es of America ever getting national healthcare, I'm gonna post some of their art.

Okay, so, that was art from Sara Pichelli, Andrea Divito, and Emanuela Luppachio, respectively. If you like good art, go buy their comics. If you hate good art, stick around and keep reading Mister Terrific. If you like foreheads that seem to pulsate, keep reading Mister Terrific. If you think EVERYTHING should be wrinkled, not just clothing and old-people skin, keep reading Mister Terrific.

Once you get past the art (logic trap: you can't get past the art, it's too crappy), the comic is just bland. We're told repeatedly that our lead character is a genius and possibly the third smartest person in the world, but that's really nothing special in the world of comics. Dr. Doom invented a time machine to steal pirate gold back in the 1960s, if you want to impress a comic fan with super intelligence, you're gonna need some real feats, none of which you get here. Which is a shame, because in prior appearances (which may or may not have happened, thanks nebulous DC reboot), Terrific's been a pretty interesting supporting character who actually has pulled off some cool intellectual feats.

Buy it again: No, I really wanted to like this comic, but there's nothing here that drew me in.

New reader friendly: Yeah, Mr. T's origin is presented and there's nothing too crazy for a new reader to handle.

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