Monday, September 12, 2011

DC Comics: The New 52

If you know anything about me (and there's a chance you don't, as google search results for male enhancement pills seem to send a lot of people here), you know that I love the comic books. and if you know anything about comics (and chances are that you don't, because most people think that they stopped publishing comics at some point in the 1970s), you know that DC Comics just kicked off a gigantic publishing initiative. Dubbing it "The New 52", the company canceled every superhero title in their stable in August. In their place are 52 first issues, each one promising to be new-reader friendly (both by virtue of being available in a digital format and with a stream-lined continuity).

While I was/am dubious about this whole idea (except for making everything for sale digitally, that's solid), I decided to give it a shot. Thanks to the fine folks at, I was able to mail-order all 52 first issues for just under a hundred bucks. For those people that thought they stopped making comics back in the 70s, please note: this is actually a really good deal. So I'm going to make use of this fine blog again, this time updated more regularly, to review the first issue of each series.

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